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SECONDS Incense Holder - Speckled

SECONDS Incense Holder - Speckled

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We have a small batch of Incense Holder seconds, they are exactly the same as our usual ones just with glaze or form defects.

Minimal, Speckled Incense Holders for easing yourself into wind downtime or to invigorate the mind to begin the day ahead. We suggest lighting a stick when having a coffee break or enjoying a meal with friends and family.

Please note we do not offer refunds for Seconds items as they are in a sale. Photos are examples of some types of defects.

Dimensions: Ø16cm H2cm
Aperture: Ø1mm
Colour: Speckled w/ White Glaze with defects


We designed the bases of these Holders to catch the dusty residue, so simply pour away and wipe clean after use. 

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