Perfect Iced Coffee

Perfect Iced Coffee

It's mid-August and at Dor and Tan, we're looking for a way to beat the heat. Our favourite is a delicious and thirst quenching ice coffee. The coffee and condensed milk combine to offer and incredible blend sweet and bitter.


Fresh Coffee
Condensed Milk
Ice to serve


1. Prepare your coffee in your preferred way. My personal fav involves an Aeropress with approximately 21g of fresh ground coffee to make a stronger, more espresso-like brew. However, if you're looking for a quick fix instant should be fine.

2. Next, put about a Tbsp of condensed milk into a pint glass.

3. Add your hot, fresh coffee (about 100ml) and stir to mix with the condensed milk.

4. Add plenty of ice and stir.

5. Finally, top with milk.

Now drink up before the ice melts in that summer sun.

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